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Isnin, 12 Ogos 2013

Video : Berhati-hati....pencuri ada pelbagai rupa di mana-mana

Teknik mencuri menggunakan "kesan khas".....

mintak maaf ler....aku malas nk translate bahasa omputih tu....hangpa translate lah sendiri. rajin-rajinkanlah diri tu sekali sekala.....hahahahaha

sinopsis dan analisis video :

Stolen RM 10,000 worth in Ampang Point,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

1st Suspect - Time : 19:45:41 , the man in white shirt with blue-black vest is seen following the victim .

2nd Suspect - Time - 19:45:50 , the man in white shirt with spectacles is seen entering the scene and loitering around the victim .

3rd Suspect - Time - 19:46:06 , the man in white shirt with a black object in his hands (which is later revealed as a foldable bag) is seen entering the scene and placed the bag on himself as soon as he got himself close to the victim.

4th Suspect - Time - 19:46:16, a man with a black shirt with 2 stripes on the chest and labels on the left shoulder is seen entering the scene. 3rd and 4th suspects passed each other by and tried to communicate with body language . 4th Suspect was seen trying to get closer to victim afterwards, then walked out of the scene.

5th Suspect - Time : 19:46:23 , woman in white shirt with a bag is seen entering the scene and walked past the 3rd suspect.

Time : 19:46:30 , 5th suspect walked out of the scene.
Time: 19:46:41, the 6th suspect, a woman in black shirt with shopping bags and a shoulder bag entered the scene and stood around the area of where victim and other suspects were at.
Time: 19:46:48 , 2nd,3rd & 6th suspects are seen communicating with body language to each other.

Time :19:46:51 , 4th Suspect entered the scene and attempt to cover his face , knowing that the area is under CCTV surveillance.

Time :19:46:52 , 2nd,3rd,4th & 6th suspects are seen behind the victim in the scene and 1st suspect is seen standing slightly infront of the counter , roughly 5 feet away from the victim.

Time: 19:48:06 , 4th & 6th suspects are seen moving about behind the victim.

Time: 19:48:13. 5th suspect, with a tray in her hands entered the scene and walked towards the customers seated at the nearest table to the counter and attempted to have a conversation .

Time : 19:48:35 - 5th & 6th (2 ladies) are seen communicating with body language and 3rd suspect is also seen covering his face as he tried to get closer to victim .

Time: 19:48:41 , 5th Victim is seen moving to the opposite direction (where the victim was) with the tray in her hands.

Time - 19:48:51 , 1st Suspect entered the scene again, followed by 4th Suspect and 7th suspect, who came in with tissue papers in his hands .

Time- 19:48:52 - 7th Suspect got close to the victim and bent down to "pretend" to wipe away the sauce on the victim's leg to catch the victim's attention to him.

Time : 19:48:53 , 3rd suspect entered the scene and moved quickly towards the victim and his bag by the counter and was able to steal the bag .
At the same time, 1st Suspect has located himself just behind the 3rd suspect to cover him while he was stealing the bag , 6th victim was standing between the counter and the closest dining table to block the customers from witnessing the scene , 4th suspect was standing behind the victim to block the salesmen at the TM stall behind the victim to witness the scene and 5th suspect was trying to distract the "ice-cream girl" to block her from turning around to witness the scene. It is suspected that 2nd suspect was around the unseen area , within the shop.

Time : 19:49:03 - all the suspects started fleeing away from the scene as the wallet was finally with them .

Please beware of your belongings and safety as criminal activities are now everywhere in Malaysia , even at public places and are usually done in groups

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sapa-sapa pun boleh komen...tapi yang berkaitan sahaja...
nak ceghita pasai MLM tang ni, boleh blah...dan kalau dah komen tu, tlg lah boh nama...nama pendek ka, panjang ka...nama penuh ka.....


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